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Good Day at the Patch.


We just had to share this wonderful video……

We have nothing exciting to report but just wanted to let you know we are still here Monday thru Friday and still selling reasonably priced fuel everyday  24/7. If you’re flying by the area, land and get something cold to drink and say HOWDY!!!

 This week we are hosting the gypsy moth spraying project with the US Dept of Forestry and the Pontiac Spraying Service. The bright yellow air tractors spread a flake product which lands on the tree vegetation and when the male gypsy moth eats this product, it “confuses” their mating process. The flake product is not harmful to other plants, pets or humans.  The gypsy moth eats vegetation and eventually the defoliation of  trees. This spraying project has proven successful in the past 10 years in reducing the population of gypsy moths.  

We had a fun day today when 9 lab puppies landed. They were being transported from Tennessee to Medina OH by Pilots N Paws.  This wonderful network of pilots transport rescue animals – dogs, cats and just about anything else that will fit in their plane. If you love to fly and love animals, I’m sure they would love to have you in their database of volunteers ……  check out their website   www.pilotsnpaws.org 

ONLY $125 per month!!!!

Call us at 740-947-4952 for further information.

A bad pulser needed to be replaced. Both 100LL and Jet A meters have been calibrated and filters changed for the year. A BIG THANKS for Pyatt Petroleum Service for their services today. We HIGHLY recommend them for any fueling maintenance you may need.  Their phone number is 740-522-5597. Thanks again Ross and Larry!!!


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