we’ve repainted our runway identifying numbers…it helps when you can see them…I’ve been told pilots really like that!!!


Red over red you are dead.

White over white fly all night.

Red over white you’re alright.

Thank you to everyone that flew into our airport this year for fuel, business and visiting of friends and family.

 We would  like to thank Stantec Consulting for their wonderful services this year helping us to construct our new hangar. Also, Foill Inc, Erect-A-Tube, JF Heibel Electric, and Southern Ohio Fence Co. for the excellent work on the hangar and other projects this year.

 We are looking forward to serving your aviation needs in 2012!!

Fly Pike County!!!


The Pike County Gifted and Talented students, grades 3 thru 5, stopped by the airport yesterday. They are beginning their aviation section of study which covers history, logistics, and the science of flight. The staff and participants were amazed by their indepth questions even though this outing is the start of their aviation learning. A great bunch of future pilots perhaps?

AirEvac Lifeteam


Jerry Morkassel, local pilot, reviewing parts of his Ballanca.

Contact us at 740-947-4952 to reserve.

Old Red served us well but finally gave it up……..

We installed the American, Ohio and POW flags at the airport today.

They are proudly displayed on this beautiful, blue sky fall day!! 

So we could better service our rotating beacon, we installed a new pole that cranks down for servicing. Very convenient ! Thanks to Mike Heibel of JF Heibel Electric for the installation, Jim Neir for his crane service and Manairco.


Click on the link below for more information…


Good Day at the Patch.


We just had to share this wonderful video……

We have nothing exciting to report but just wanted to let you know we are still here Monday thru Friday and still selling reasonably priced fuel everyday  24/7. If you’re flying by the area, land and get something cold to drink and say HOWDY!!!

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