Pike County Airport has former Governor James A. Rhodes to thank for it’s existence. Back in the 1960s, Gov. Rhodes wanted EVERY 88 counties in Ohio to have a general aviation airport.  We opened our doors and runway on October 19, 1969 and we celebrated our 40th birthday in 2009!

The Pike County Airport, designated by the airport code EOP, is located approximately five miles northeast of downtown Waverly, within Pike County. Regionally, the Airport is approximately 65 miles south of Columbus, Ohio, and 25 miles northwest of Jackson, Ohio. Regional access is provided by US Route 23, Ohio State Route 104 and Ohio State Route 335. Local access is provided by Alma Omega Rd.

The Pike County Airport has been classified as an Intermediate Service Airport by the State of Ohio Airport System Plan. Intermediate Service Airports serve smaller corporate aircraft and general aviation activities with runway lengths between 4,000 and 4,999 feet. Our runway 7/25 is 4,900 feet.

The Pike County Airport is owned and operated by the Pike County Commissioners.  The Airport contributes to the local community and economy in a variety of ways. The most common activities carried out at the Airport are corporate traffic, recreational flying, agricultural spraying, medical transport, military exercises and training.


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